Jewelryosophy 360 is one of the fastest growing communities for jewelry makers.



Jewelryosophy 360 is a jewelry networking and information resource platform, created for handcrafted jewelry makers, professionals, and other afficiannados.

With a growing membership, Jewelryosophy 360 is changing the jewelry industry one jewelry maker at a time.


Our mission is to help educate people through crowd-sourced information in all aspects of jewelery making and selling. We want to provide tools and resources to enhance jewelry making skills and knowledge, networking, sales, and marketing. 

WHY JEWELRYOsophy 360?

We take pride in offering all of our content, discussions, and networking, FREE to members. We seek to bring our members even more services and tools that they can use to improve their jewelry businesses. 


Since its founding, Jewelryosophy 360 has revolutionzed the way handcrafted jewelry makers network. With our Jewelryosophy 360 social community, which allows people to safely and professionally communicate with one another, we are able to bring handcrafted jewelry maker networking to the next level. Unlike some other other handcrafted business networking and educational communities, we do not promote "gurus" or "coaches" to promote personal coaching business services. 

Our purpose is to help bring jewelry makers together for crowd-sourced knowledge and information. Through our social community, guides, and articles, jewelry makers can get an education that they'd spend thousands of dollars for elsewhere. We believe that there should be an alternative to high-priced trainings, exclusive Jewelry groups and associations, and often out-dated jewelry marketing material. 

Our site is here for the homegrown jewelry maker, or the Jewelryosophist, as we affectionately call our community members. We are the alternative to high-end jewelry communities that cater to industry insiders. We kick out spammers and focus on providing jewelry makers with a safe learning, networking, and marketing experience free from pressure and solicitation. 


  1. We are positive and collaborative. 
  2. We help jewelry makers achieve their full potential at the bench and in the marketplace 
  3. We are inclusive of all ideas, ages, skill-levels, and background


For you, making jewelry isn't just another hobby

It is a passion

It is a creative force within you

It is breathing life into elements and colors and shapes

With fire, tools, and raw strength

For you, it's not all about making money

Or the slickest social media feeds

It's about connecting with people

With places

With things

Embracing a challenge and pushing yourself beyond your wildest imagination

You don't create because of what you know

You imagine and think of what could be

Because you are a citizen of the world

Your are a student of life

Your are a Jewelryosopher