3 Ways Handcrafted Jewelry Designers Can Engage More Jewelry Customers


You've launched your jewelry brand! Congrats! So, now what? Here are the best ways to start engaging more jewelry customers who are looking to buy your products.

1. Start blogging. 

Blogging is a great way to help people get to know you before they make a purchase. People who read your blog are more likely to take the time to browse your site and sign up for your email list. So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging! You can write about jewelry trends you're watching, offer tips for cleaning jewelry as a way to establish your creativity and discuss the inspiration for every item in your collection. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know your customers better. Since you're providing them with information for free, they will feel like they have a better understanding of you and be more likely to purchase your products.

2. Master your marketing strategy. 

Do you get most of your sales in-person? From Instagram? Etsy? The only way to know is to put yourself out there and start tracking results. If you understand your audience and try to test a variety of platforms in your early days, then you'll quickly be able to tell what gets traction and what doesn't. Yes, test the waters, but don't spread yourself too thin. Once you figure out which platforms work best, narrow your cope and refine your strategy for that platform. Learn the ins and outs of one platform that has already showed promise rather than spreading your time on activities that may or may not produce tangible results. Master a platform, Automate your sales strategy for that platform, then move on to another platform.

If you know that photos are not your strong point but that people fall in love with your jewelry in-person, then focus your efforts on increasing your brand awareness at a local level. Sign-up for local vending events. Not sure where to find out about events? Check out this guide: Jewelryosophy 360 Guide to Jewelry Vendor Events and Shows.

If you get great engagement on Instagram photos, then focus your strategy on making the flow from Instagram to checkout as seamless as possible. Make sure you include a link to your product in your Instagram bio. People will not take time to look all around your website for the latest piece you advertised on Instagram. Make it easy for them by linking directly to the piece in Instagram. Check out the Jewelryosophy 360 Guide to Instagram for Jewelry Makers for more Instagram strategies.

3. Collaborate.

Reach out to subscription box services, boutiques, and other curated services that align with your brand. Subscription boxes are always looking for products for their next box. You can negotiate how much they'll pay you (typically wholesale) for units and they may replenish for multiple rounds! Boutiques, museums, and other curated services are always looking for local, handcrafted work to buy and sell. Put yourself out there and find partnerships that align with your brand. Even if they say no, you will have initiated a conversation and will have practice for when the perfect deal comes your way.

Have you joined one of the fastest growing communities for jewelry makers yet? If not, what are you waiting for?