Starting an Etsy Shop, Part 3 of 3

Two weeks, I shared the infographic below along with some highlights of my first year selling jewelry on Etsy. This is the final part of that series. If you haven't read part 1 or 2 yet, you can check it out here.



Social Media Presence is Critical For Growth

Chances are good that if you tell someone about your business, they will almost instinctively ask you where they can find you online. If you’re savvy, then you may rattle off every single social media platform you’re on, plus some! Of course, some of the most popular for jewelry businesses are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But what exactly will they find when they get to your page? Is there a picture of you so that they can easily match you from a previous encounter? Do you link to your eCommerce platform? Do you have contact info or maybe a physical address or phone number to reach you? All of the things will factor into what happens next. And ultimately, how they view your business.

Once of the key words in this section title is ‘presence’. You can have a social media profile (on any platform) and still be absent from what’s going on. In order to have a social media presence, you must ENGAGE.

I talk a lot about the strategies you can use to engage on Instagram in this guide:. Before you pay another company to get likes or sales for you, really try some of the strategies I lay out in the guide. Key, of course, is engaging with the right people- your audience.

If you sell sea glass, then your audience isn’t people who enjoy punk rock jewelry. If you make jewelry with a positive message or mantra, then you likely aren’t going to get much engagement from pessimists.


Fact #1: Sally sells sea glass necklaces and rings that are wire wrapped with sterling silver

Fact #2: Sally plans her Instagram feed so that her jewelry product photos are themed around sea glass (e.g. beach scenes, seas shells, sand, flip slops, pina coladas, sun, etc.

Fact #3: Sally’s target audience (or avatar) is a 32 year old mom with 1 child (2 years old) who grew up by the beach but now lives in the Midwest. She left her corporate career in order to homeschool her first child and is planning to have a few more kids over the next few years.

Question #1: How did Sally come up with that avatar (in other words, her target audience)!?!?

Answer #1: She made it up! And that’s what you can do too. Many times, people develop avatars based on their personality or who they want to be. But you can also think of who you want to serve. People can buy jewelry from ANYWHERE. Why should they buy from YOU? You have to make them understand that you’re speaking directly to them and their needs at this particular stage of their life.

Bonus: It’s ok if your avatar changes over time or grows with your audience. It’s also ok for people to outgrow your avatar. Just start somewhere rather than try to make jewelry for everyone.

Question #2: What hashtags should Sally use?

Answer #2: Start with a free tool at a site like for hashtag research. will allow you to start with one keyword and then create a spiderweb of others. It will also show you popularity and trends with hastags along with a list of the related hashtags. Do this until you get to thirty (yes, 30!) hashtags.

Bonus: It’s ok (and by ok, I mean...the fewer the better) to use some jewelry-related keywords to describe your jewelry, but generally, your hashtags should be things your avatar would use, not you.

Here’s a brief example of hashtags that jewelry makers typically overuse when trying to target new customers:

  • #jewelrymaker, #jewelrydesigner, etc.
  • #onmybench, #atmybench, etc.
  • #jewelry, jewellery, etc.
  • #etsyjewelry, #etsyjewellery, etc.
  • #bracelets, #beads, #necklaces
  • #jewelryforsale

Remember: It’s not about you! You want people to discover your jewelry who didn’t even know they wanted to buy jewelry. Your target market is NOT other jewelry makers unless you're selling jewelry supplies services to jewelry businesses.

Here are some better keywords for Sally’s target audience that I found using

  • #lovemyfamily
  • #grateful
  • #love
  • #fun
  • #happy  

These are pretty generic and broad examples. Typically, you want to find hashtags that don't have too many posts (your post will quickly be stale), but also not too few posts (it's not popular, so no one will see it). Start researching phrases and sayings that resonate with your avatar. Maybe your ideal customer is spirtual, so it's #blessings or #wildthing if they are adventurous!


This is just a small example of the type of research that's possible. You can then narrow this down and do more research by finding people on Instagram who are using these hashtags, seeing what other tags they are using, and then adding them to your tags too! The possibilities are endless. ideas

Craft Fearlessly With Love

Finally, never forget to craft fearlessly. Your jewelry designs are what make your pieces uniquely yours. Remember to always have fun and never get too stressed about the business and sales side of jewelry that you forget why you began in the first place.

If you’re looking for a community that can encourage you in the good times and the tough ones, you’re in the right place. You can join the Jewelryosophy 360 community today!