If you want to make more money from your Esty jewelry shop then do these 3 things immediately



Starting a jewelry business on Etsy can be terrifying. There's fees, SEO, listings, dashboards, and stats. You have to make amazing jewelry AND market it?!? Being a business owner can be rough.


After nearly a year selling jewelry on Etsy, here are the 3 hacks I wish I had known when I started out to get more Etsy sales:

1. Renew Your Listings Often. Listings automatically renew after you've made a sale. However, if you don't make a sale within a week, then it impacts your ranking in search results. In other words, you're less likely to show up on the first page even if your tags and pictures are perfect (more on that later).

Etsy wants all shops to have an opportunity to sale while showing shoppers products that are the most relevant to their searches. Your goal? Stay relevant! At $.20 cents a listing, it doesn't hurt to at least try renewing your listing to watch the impact.


2. Improve Your S.E.O. It's a dirty little word on the web. However you can't ignore it. First, learn what it is.

Search. This is what people do when they are looking for products. People typically don't search based on an initial image They search based on words. Are your words descriptive enough to get your jewelry noticed? Saying, "Jewelry" or event "trendy jewelry" isn't going to set you apart from the crowd. 

Engine. There's a machine that's processing the search. This means that Etsy's staff doesn't have it in for you. They rely on what you've said about your products to deliver the best results to shoppers.

Optimization. This is a fancy word that means that they are taking many factors into consideration before showing a listing in the search results. These factors include:

  • Completeness of your Etsy jewelry shop "About" section

  • Your Etsy jewelry shop's ranking (everything from average reviews to number of sales)

  • How closely your tags match that of the shopper who initiated the search

  • Tags in the title match the 13 manual tags you add and the same tags are also present in your description

Learn how to make SEO work for you. Words matter. For starters, use a service like Marmalead or EtsyRank to help you understand SEO for your listings. These services will "grade" each listing based on the factors that Etsy uses for its rankings. You get an A+ when you listing is less than a day old, your product titles match your 13 tags, and your product copy isn't written for anyone older than 10 years old.


3. Promote Your Jewelry Pieces Unapologetically. Get your jewelry in front of people. Some Etsy products can be difficult to find brand influencers for (think Instagram lifestyle bloggers). Jewelry is not one of those products! Where is your target audience hanging out? Be there! All the time. Using #jewelry isn't going to drive views and sales to your Etsy jewelry shop. Use keywords that have importance to your audience. You can go though this handy activity to figure out who your target audience: Target Audience Worksheet.

For even more social media guidance, check out the Jewelryosophy 360  Guides.

Etsy is a powerful platform that can bring your jewelry business great success. The challenge will be learning how the system works so that you can stay one step ahead. Work with technology, not against it. SEO is your friend and promotion is not a bad word.

P.S. Is this type of information perfect for you? If so, you'll love the Jewelryosophy 360 community. We're a group of jewelry makers who are committed to getting results for our businesses. We share tips, advice, and just talk shop. We'd love to have you!