Teach Your Jewelry Client

Teach Your Jewelry Customers: 10 Ways to Ruin Jewelry


There are more than a few ways to guarantee that jewelry will get ruined. It may not happen immediately, but doing any of these activities repeatedly guarantees that your customers will increase the likelihood of destroying their jewelry.

Keep reading below to see what you can advise your jewelry customers not to do.

  1. Leave it out in the sun: Just like direct sunlight can do damage to your skin, the same is true with jewelry. Skip wearing jewelry when you suntan or are otherwise out in the sun for extended periods of time. 

  2. Put it on before you do your makeup: Makeup contains chemicals and chemicals can cause reactions in your jewelry. The best way to do the least amount of damage is to apply your makeup and then apply your jewelry. Overtime, the makeup you wear daily will transfer to your jewelry, but applying it before you put on jewelry will keep it cleaner slightly longer. 

  3. Clean up with it on: Cleaning agents you use to remove serious dirt will definitely wreak havoc on your jewelry. Avoid wearing your favorite pieces at all costs while you do laundry, wash dishes, clean the shower and any other household cleaning activities. 

  4. Let others borrow it: One of the quickest ways to ruin your jewelry is to lend it out to someone who doesn't appreciate it nearly as much as you do. It doesn't matter if you spent $1 on it or $100- it's yours and no one else will quite respect it the way you do. 

  5. Fail to get it re-sized: If you're going to purchase a piece for keeps, then make sure you take the steps to get it sized to fit you properly. While a ring that's too small won't get ruined, you definitely won't be able to wear it for very long without getting frustrated. If it's too big, then chances are high that it will fall off, and at a time when you least expect it. 

    Pro Tip: Don't have cash to get it re-sized? There are cheap re-sizing options called ring snuggies, adjusters, cuddles, noodles, and a few other names. These temporary solutions offer a way to secure a loose ring without having to shell out money for a custom re-size. 

  6. Bend it/twist it out of shape: Jewelry is made out of natural elements that occur in nature. Everyday wear and tear is going to happen. But you can make it worse by constantly bending it. Some jewelry will necessarily require some manipulation, but where at all possible, try to slip on pieces as opposed to constantly changing their shape. Eventually, this will either harden the metal and/or cause it break. 

  7. Workout with it on: There's just so much that can go wrong. From getting scratched to getting caught and causing serious injury to your jewelry or even you, it's best to remove any accessories before getting your workout on. 

  8. Never clean it: While you don't want to clean your apartment with your jewelry on, you will want to learn how to clean your jewelry appropriately. Check out this basic guide to removing tarnish for starters.

  9. Swim in it. While you may see the latest fashion spread with a model wearing diamonds in a pool, this is definitely not the way to go. The chlorine in the water can cause a chemical reaction in metals and stones. The same is true for beaches where the salt content can have negative effects on your jewelry. 

  10. Use it for unintended purposes. Your favorite necklace isn't meant to be worn as a body chain, headdress or anklet. Doing so can put stress on your pieces that the design cannot account for. Always be sure to purchase pieces that you plan to wear for the stated purpose.  

Have you ever ruined a piece of jewelry that you loved or has a customer told you that they ruined a piece? Share your story in the comments and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for all of the latest.