The Jewelryosophy 360 Template: Cold E-mails to Influencers

Instagram (IG) contains over 30 billion photos to date. That's almost 70 million photos shared! IG is one of the best places to post your content and grow your business. Brand influencers can help.

What is a brand influencer? They are representatives of your brand. They're easy to find- they usually have other brands shown in their social media, they readily provide their e-mail address (with a note that it is for business inquiries) and they've usually already built up a health social media following (in the tens of thousand or millions).

While some brand influencers charge for brand promotions (it is usually called a brand ambassador when there is a charge associated), if you follow the strategies in the Jewelryosophy 360 Guide to Instagram for Jewelry Makers in conjunction with this template, then you can pick and choose to only fulfill offers from brand influencers who are willing to accept your terms. 

How do you approach a brand influencer? What do you say to them? In this guide, we'll share a template that a Jewelryologist used to get 100 new followers in an hour.