The Jewelryosophy 360 Guide to Instagram

Instagram (IG) contains over 30 billion photos to date. That's almost 70 million photos shared! IG is one of the best places to post your content and grow your business. How do you get followers without taking over your life? How can you get followers without spending a lot of money? Hashtags, optimization, and all that follow, unfollow stuff seems confusing, right? We offer no-nonsense solutions to grow your followers. These strategies will help grow your jewelry business. In this guide, we:

  • Provide an overview of Instagram strategies that jewelry business owners can use to increase conversions

  • Recommend hashtag suggestions for how to find people in your target audience

  • Discuss the most effective methods for engaging your community organically

Maybe you started your Instagram account 10 minutes ago. Or maybe it was 10 months ago. It doesn't matter! This guide will share strategies to help you grow your jewelry business starting now. Making jewelry only matters if people see it, so get your jewelry in front of the perfect audience.

Here are some common pitfalls people make:

  1. Not posting often enough

  2. Not using enough hashtags

  3. Not engaging the right community

  4. Not developing a call to action in their bio

  5. Not planning the feed content

Have you formed any bad IG habits? If so, download the guide for new strategies. They will help grow your followers followers and business.  We'll share straightforward guidance and proven approaches that you can start using immediately.

You won't have to spend any money. Use the tools and resources you already have to get the audience you've worked hard for.mm