The Jewelryosophy 360 Podcast 1: From Jewelry Student to a Jewelry Line

On today's show, we'll talk with Emilie Shapiro of Emilie Shapiro Contemporary Metals. Emilie is an author, teacher, and jewelry designer based out of New York City. 

Emilie gained a deep understanding of the business of making jewelry after working for multiple jewelry brands as a production manager in New York City. She eventually left the formal jewelry industry world and began teaching. At the same time, her jewelry line started to take off. 

In this show, we talk about what it takes to run a jewelry production line, the value of sharing knowledge among the jewelry community, and some of the biggest takeaways from her book, How to Create a Jewelry Line

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Who Emilie Shapiro is
  • Her "why" for creating jewelry
  • What she learned from her experiences in the jewelry industry as a production manager
  • Challenges she's faced as a jewelry business owner in NYC 
  • Why she wrote her first book"How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line"
  • When she knew it was time to hire employees for her jewelry business
  • Tips for starting and growing your jewelry business 
  • And much more!

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