The Jewelryosophy 360 Podcast 13: Selling Your Jewelry in West Elm and Beyond

On today’s show, we talk with Tisa Wills of The Onyx Feather. Tisa has always had a love for design, so when she wanted unique jewelry, she started creating her own! 

With an intense focus on design and a love for creativity, she figured out how to turn a hobby into additional income. Starting at local flea markets, she started selling and has evolved her business since then! 

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • How Tisa manages a full-time job and a jewelry business

  • Taking a jewelry brand and style to new levels

  • Taking advantage of social media platforms for business

  • Getting pro bono feature in a West Elm store

  • How she uses Trello and other apps to help manage business tasks

  • And much more!

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