The Jewelryosophy 360 Podcast 4: Finding Jewelry Business Opportunities in the Maker Community

On today's show, we'll talk with Erica Montejo of Tiny Erica Jewelry. Erica is a jewelry designer and metalsmith with a growing jewelry business based out of Ohio. 

With experiences working as a bench jeweler, then working on a production floor, and now operating as an independent business owner, Erica shares a wealth of valuable information. 

In this show, we discuss the importance of being confident in promoting your work, maneuvering the business aspects of selling jewelry (including how to manage prices for different markets), and the invaluable support and unexpected opportunities you can find among your local maker community. 

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • How Erica's background in fine arts has influenced her jewelry designs
  • When she knew it was time to launch her jewelry line
  • How she's been able to gain confidence in her work 
  • Tips for setting prices (hint: it varies depending on your audience)
  • How to figure out your target audience 
  • Maneuvering  the business aspects of making and selling jewelry
  • How she's getting smart on Etsy and Facebook marketing 
  • Where she's made some of the best connections and found support for her work
  • And much more!

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