The Jewelryosophy 360 Podcast 7: Winning Strategies for Driving Jewelry Sales Through Social Media Marketing

On today's show, we'll talk with Emma Unger. Emma is the owner and designer of The Creative Skull, based out of Ontario, Canada. 

Emma is an artist and painter who stumbled upon a new way to explore her creative passions through jewelry making. In addition to setting up a shop on Etsy, she has also found success in selling her jewelry in local stores, such as tattoo parlors!

In this show, we talk about social media marketing for your jewelry business, how to reach out to businesses for collaborations, and what platforms and tools she finds most successful for marketing and planning social media.

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Who Emma Unger is
  • Her strategies for social media marketing
  • How she reached out to get her jewelry featured in a tattoo shop
  • Key tools for social media planning and scheduling
  • Handcrafted jewelry maker's secret market differentiator
  • How to think about your brand and target audience
  • And much more!

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